Non-Typical aka NT is Dead!

Damn…  I filmed this buck in 2008 just after I had shot a 172″ buck.  After studying the film I figured the buck would go 195+ and gave him the nickname “NT”.

I looked for this buck in 2009, 2010, but kind of gave up on him in 2011.  Well my suspicions were correct and the buck had been killed.

Over the past few years I have become good friends with Jesse Schreiner.  While watching one of our YouTube videos he discovered that the buck I called “NT”, looked pretty familiar.  Jesse called me and told me to stop by his house one day, so I did…

NT’s big side was shot off!

There was no mistake about it, Jesse had killed NT the same year I filmed him.  The unfortunate thing was the buck’s left antler had been shot off sometime before the general season.  Jesse was trying to take another buck, but light was fading and he shot NT on accident.   Well, NT would have scored in the 202-206″ range, but he was now half the buck he use to be.  Congrats to Jesse for taking a legend in my mind and I hope the guy who tried to POACH this beautiful buck falls in a HOLE!

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