No velvet buck this year.

My streaked has ended with two velvet bucks in a row.  This years’ hunt was a little frustrating for me because I was unable to hunt for more than two days at a time (due to work obligations), with that said I can’t make anymore excuses.  From August 1st – September 10th I saw a total of 36 DIFFERENT bucks.  Not bad for the supposed Good Ole Days of Mule Deer hunting behind us.  The only disappointment I personally experienced was not being able to find the Non-Typical but maybe he will show up during the rut hunt in December. 

Below are a few of the bucks we found & hunted:

The above buck was found on Sunday, September the 6th.  He was with 8 other bucks & he was the third biggest.  I missed this buck at 65 yards after he winded me.  I passed on him at 60 yards before he winded me hoping a buck I named “The Beast” would walk by. 

We found this buck on the 31st of August.  He is a 155-160 ” 4×4. Later that day Mike Collins was able to get to within 70 yards before he blew out.
Damn Near!
We found “Flare” 4 differnt times on the hunt.  Mike stalked him the first night & was unable to get to within bow range.  On September the 1st I snuck to within 70 yards of him before the wind swirled. 
On the last afternoon, I found him again but I caught just a glimpse of him in the trees with my 15’s before he snuck off ending the hunt.  “Flare” is a 180″ Typical buck with an outside spread of 28-30 inches.
And now….
Meet “The Beast”! 
This buck is a huge old buck! 
Big body & the tallest buck that I have ever seen & I mean ever!  This is the best picture I got of him but you have to see him in person to witness just how big this animal is….  He is definitely a 180″+ deer & that’s all I can say for now.
The December season will bring a whole new dynamic to the hunt, as the bucks will be traveling & checking does.  I am looking forward to trying to stick a hard horn buck!
Good Luck & Stay Tuned!!!
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