my Arizona DIY Archery Bull!

As the 2012 Arizona Elk & Pronghorn draw deadline approaches, I hope some of you that follow our blog & publication, draw a few tags.  I was on Youtube & typed in “Arizona Elk Hunt” & this video was at the top of the list.  It has been awhile since I have watched this video, but the memories are still fresh in my mind.

What you can’t see or feel on this video are the emotions I felt after my elk tipped over. Honestly, I have seen bigger bulls & been on better elk hunts, but having my dad find this group of elk & then to take him down, meant the world.

What’s not on the video…

Kenny ran up to me a few minutes after I made the shot & watched the bull go down.  When he got to me I gave him a hug for all the help & thanked a few other friends, family & the good lord out loud.  Then, I grabbed his two-way radio I walked away.

I proceeded to call my dad on the radio & honestly, I cried like a baby.   I am not sure how he could even understand what I said & I can’t explain too anyone how I felt. You can never replace the memories. You can always kill bigger or go to the store & buy a package of hamburger, but the memories are embedded with you forever & that is why I hunt.

So whether you go guided or you chose to do it on your own, remember it’s the memories that will last…

2010 Arizona Archery Bull

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