Meat Care inside the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide

With the NEW National Forest Travel Management Plans being released,  more hunters will be in a situation where they will have to bone out their elk or big game animal.  Keeping it clean & getting it to a cooler is critical.  Here is a short clip of Mike Miller from Miller’s Southwestern Processing discussing meat care at the 2011 AZ Elk Clinic:

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Craig Steele

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Craig Steele is the founder and publisher at Craig is an obsessed hunter and professional hunting guide. He owns and operates Predator Exclusives. Craig also guides for Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters. Besides hunting and guiding, he operates CS Creativity, which is his marketing and graphic design business.

One thought on “Meat Care inside the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide

  1. ron barnes

    ive shot 4 az. elk in the past 11 years,ive never not quartered the elk on site.used pillow cases,also for neck meat,straps and loose meat.i reccomend jake giles @az. mobile meat processing and shrines for salami from loose meat.ill try millers soon too.ive had many bad experiences w, 4 peaks.thanks for the video craig,always great stuff,you should be proud of yourself.your doing a great service to az hunters.


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