Long Range Rock Shooting

At last light, I went out to double check Richelle’s rifle for her upcoming hunts.  We are shooting 180 grain vld Bergers (handloads) through her Remington Model 700 (custom trigger).  We are not long distance gurus, but we do like having the ability to shoot 600 yards, if needed.  We have also shot this load and gun since 2009, so that means a lot of rounds through the barrel to get to this point. I personally believe you should always try to get as close as possible, before you take the shot.  You should also know your ability and your equipment’s ability, prior to heading out to the field.  The truth is, some people should not shoot over 100 yards and some can stretch it out to 1,000!   

Anyways, it was fun to see this gun perform on film, but the damn cactus was rough on my knees!

Longe Range Rock Shooting


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