Lies, Jealousy, or the TRUTH?

It’s  seems like every time we check out a hunting forum there is some sort of name calling going on, it just makes us sick to our stomachs. With picture mail & texting the rumors have gotten worse! To say we have never been jealous would be an outright lie, but one thing we have never done is bashed another from behind a key board. Over the past couple of years we have reminded ourselves just exactly why we hunt & who are we competing against?
Our personal answers:
1. The memories…
2. Ourselves

This wasn’t the biggest bull killed out of the unit, but it was a hunt we were all proud of.  Craig Steele found this bull & then called his parents on a two way radio & told them to come to his location.  Once they met up with him they stalked into position and waited for the bull to get up. 

2006 AZ Late Rifle Elk Video

Was this hunt Fairchase?

Lies or Truth?
Conservation Organizations like the Boone & Crockett Club have adopted their own set of rules & these are to be followed in order for an individual to enter a trophy into their record book. So the bottom line is, if you want to enter your trophy, then you need to hunt by their rules. Now with that being said, it’s not up to the general public to enforce the rules or make judgment as to whom is following of the rules that is up to the members. For the integrity of these record books, we hope that the individuals entering their trophies are being honest, but if not these folks doing the internet slandering need to stop smearing and come forward with some factual evidence.
We support the idea of Fairchase, but like everyone else we have our own opinions on what exactly is Fairchase. The term Fairchase is pretty debatable & we would love to hear from you guys about this term. In the future we hope outdoorsmen will somehow learn to find a common bond & think before they post or send out a picture mail that is not based on fact. We will continue to support the outdoorsman’s way of life, as long as you aren’t a poacher or a rude law breaking s.o.b.!

 Divided We Fall…
Hunting is a personal experience filled with personal choices taking place in many areas with varying traditions and rules. The concept of “fair chase” is a noble one and something that is meant to be a unifying, governing force. The concept was not created as a test to divide ethical hunters. One of the reasons why our wildlife and habitat conservation system works is because individual states regulate what goes on within that state. Can you imagine the train wreck that would occur if the same rules applied for all states regardless of traditions, the diverse species of game, and various habitats found in different regions? Deer hunting with a crossbows is legal in Ohio, but not in some other states. Baiting deer is legal in some states, yet frowned upon by hunters in other states. You can run bear and cougar with hounds in some western states, but only spot and stalk hunt in others. Steel shot, lead shot, plugged shotguns, expandable broadheads, inline muzzleloaders – the list goes on and on. The bottom line – we are too small of a group not to support each other. If you hunt, you belong to a fraternity. If a hunting method is legal in another state, but not in your state, crying foul won’t help the bigger picture. If a way of hunting is under attack in another state, your way is under attack, even if you do not agree with or practice this method.”
Citied from: Fairchase Ethics

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