LateSeason Elk Hunting Weather Forecast! Get an ACCURATE Forecast out in the FIELD!

Weather Forecast for Tuesday & Wednesday!

With the Late General Arizona Bull Elk Season starting up next Friday we looked into the weather forecast for this weekened.  Actually we didn’t, as it wouldn’t be very ACCURATE!  Meteorologists change their minds from one hour to the next & the science of weather forecasting past a few days is basically an educated guess.  This is why we included weather information in the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide that will help hunters obtain specific & more accurate weather forecasts, while they are out in the field.

Most TV network weathermen get their information from the National Weather Service Office.  TV Weathermen will each then interpret this information & bring it to the public in a generic form; radio stations, & other internet websites use this same formula.  These generic forecasts aren’t very useful for hunters, as they are not specific in region & usually give us little to no wind information.

Weather Information Published in the O.R.G.

Just this past weekend I was on a Junior’s deer hunt & used the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide to get an accurate forecast.  My cousin was trying to catch a generic weather report on the radio.  “Are you Really,”I thought to myself, as my head turned red. I then simply opened up the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide to pg. 51 & dialed the National Weather Service Office Las Vegas.  We were able to get an accurate-up-to-date two day forecast for the area we were hunting in, which turned out to be 30-40 MPH winds from the southwest with a 50% chance of rain.

An accurate-up-to-date forecast helps us make a game plan & it is constantly changing.   You just never know when a storm front or low pressure system is going to come through.  It makes a difference if you have the right information & resources with you.

3 ways to obtain an accurate-up-to-date forecast while in the field:

1.  VHF Radio 
(Most hunters won’t have one in camp, but we have the frequencies listed.)
2.  Cell/Satellite Phones
(We provide outdoorsmen with the specific regional forecast numbers.)
3.  Two Way Radio
(NOAA Weather Channels are Pre-Programed in most two-ways, but can be very garbled.) 


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