Late Season MONSTER Bulls! A different game…

Late Season Bull bedded on a North slope with lots of browse!

After the majority of the cows have been bred, the mature bulls will begin pulling off of them.  As the temperatures continue to drop below freezing, mature bulls will no longer be looking to graze.

A mature Late Season Bull bedded in some thick browse.

Mature Bulls may travel 10-40 miles away from where they were rutting.  They need food, water, & a sense of security.

390+ Monster Bull sunning himself while browsing.

If you are hunting during a cold spell, hunt all day!  Big Old Mature Bulls like to sun themselves & you may just catch a Monster Bull up feeding.

Big Sheds=Big Late Season Bulls!

Where do I start?   
During the late season Mature Bulls like thick cover and canyons that hold a lot of browse feed.  Another good place to look for them is in areas where you have found big elk sheds. Many big bulls will drop their antlers in late February, so the elements are very similar when compared to late November.


How do you find them?

First, look for big tracks, as the big bulls won’t be with the cows. We then suggest glassing with a quality pair of binoculars that are mounted on a tripod from a vantage point.  

Go check out the OUTDOORSMANS for all types of glassing & hunting gear.  

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