Late Season GIANT Archery Elk

About 3 years ago the Arizona Game and Fish Department added several late archery elk hunts to the draw.  These are by no means easy hunts to kill a bull, let alone a 350+ bull.  Generally they have horrible success rates, so you really have two choices if you want to make the most of your tag.  First, you scout your butt off and pray for the best.  Second, you hire a quality outfitter to help get it done.

2011 Late Arizona Archery Bull

Ty Goodman from Goodman Outfitters sent me this picture of a 370+ Gross bull.  This bull was taken on a 2011 Late Arizona Archery Elk Hunt by one of his hunters.  Honestly, its one of the biggest bulls we have seen taken on a late archery hunt.  Great Job Guys!

You can contact Ty at:  928-978-1058

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