Juniors Hunt with no bucks & bad weather, but some FUN!

Ernie Scaff eagerly awaits…

Do you remember your first deer camp?   

This past weekend I joined my cousin & nephew on their first deer hunt & deer camp.  The hunting weather was horrible, 30+ Mph winds & blowing rain on Sunday. 

Checking for big buck sign!

On the first day we checked all of the waters for big buck sign.  It was a long day of driving & searching for big tracks that were few and far between.  We ended up seeing 8 does & fawns off of the road.  All of the kids had a chance to check ’em out, even my four year old son.  The kids were ready for a fire & some s’mores as the sun went down.

Pre-Subdivision & hunting pressure.
Around the campfire we discussed the lack of sign, while the kids enjoyed camp life & junk food.  This area was no longer a secret because of development & word of mouth.  We counted up 20+ bucks that had been taken over the past few seasons.  The checkerboard land was now subdivided & road hunting was out of control.  With that being said we were still excited about the weekend.

Hide-N-Go Seek at deer camp!
The second morning we woke up to 40+ gusting winds.  Honestly, it was just plain miserable & the outlook wasn’t very bright.  After a half day of hunting we headed back to camp & decided to have some fun.  An hour plus of Hide-N-Go seek did the trick!  A quick phone call to the National Weather Service revealed more wind & rain in our future. GREAT!
As we arouse Sunday morning, you could hear wind & rain beating against the trailer.  We hunted until 12 o’clock before the rain started to pour.  We decided to call it a weekend, as it was getting a little frustrating.  No bucks, but at least we had FUN!
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