It doesn’t PAY to talk about this…

#EFFORT & Hardwork cost nothing but sacrifice of your time & attention.

#EFFORT & Hardwork cost nothing but sacrifice of your time & attention.

We see a ton of  hunting product endorsements on TV, in Magazines, on Social Media and on Hunting Websites.  I get it, businesses/people must pay their bills, but it’s also one reason why I want to refrain from it.

Within the hunting industry, nothing is worse than seeing someone jumping from BRAND to BRAND to BRAND chasing Ad dollars.  Advertising space typically transitions into personal endorsements, because the industry is so small and the line is hard to walk. This is a major reason as to why we shut our print magazine down,  we had to chase Ad dollars because of the cost, instead of just concentrating on producing good content.   Personally, I just don’t see that as a winning formally over the next 10-20 years.

I love quality hunting gear, but one could buy the BEST hunting gear in the world and with out this…

What YOU actually can control before your hunt & during your hunt? #EFFORT

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You might as well stay home!

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