Ignorance! Is the Hunting Industry thriving on it?

Many DIY Hunters & Guides are the experts being overlooked!

This past Sunday, I had a chance to walk around the RMEF elk camp show.  I stopped at a booth for a moment to check out a call company.   The packaging caught my eye, but once I got up close I recognized the calls.  According to the sales staff they had just recently been bought out by a bigger company, thus the change in packaging.

After a very brief conversation, one of the salesmen (who also has a TV show) proceeded to tell me how the dual chambered technology allowed him to call more mature animals.   He then looked me in the eyes and stated, “the technology would allow me to call more mature animals in on the run!”  Honestly, I was laughing inside, but at the same time pist (slang for pissed)!  Of course I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want to be a jerk or arrogant.  I kindly said thanks, and headed toward our booth.

After thinking about his sales pitch, I figured out why it irritated me.  He assumed I was a beginner. He assumed I was gullible.  He immediately voided his honesty button and started tossing out the MIRACLE call pitch.  I am not sure if he was desperate, but these sort of sales pitches only make it tougher for the rest of us in the industry.  These BS pitches also provoke a lot of new hunters to buy crappy products.

Local DIY Hunters and Guides are an untapped wealth of knowledge.

I have the opportunity to visit with numerous hardcore DIY hunters and guides. These folks are the best hunters I know, PERIOD.  Most of these guys are not on TV or in a magazine!  Many are great people, but very cautious who they hunt with.  If I could give one piece of advice to the NEW hunters out there it would be…don’t get caught up in the the HYPE.  I am not saying there isn’t any quality hunters on TV or on magazine staffs, because there are guys like Randy Newberg, Ryan Hatfield and Nate Simmons.  All of them are very smart and knowledgeable western hunters, but if someone’s advice sounds to good to be true, than it is.

In closing…

I walked away thinking this was a gimmick product and the gentleman lost any credibility with me.

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