Hunting industry not speaking my language…

I just watched a digital hunting film titled “94 Percent“. This film caught my attention, because it was a professional film about “Arizona Archery Deer Hunting“.

So here is the thing… We are transitioning into an ERA where we don’t have a lack of content, we have a lack of focused content or organization of the content.

To my point…

Around 95% of hunters do NOT hunt outside of their home state, but marketing directors, agencies & the hunting industry continue to run marketing campaigns like all hunters speak the same language.  This may have been okay when traditional media was the only form of communication, but there are few new things to think about???

  1. World Wide Web-commonly known as the web
  2. Mobile Devices-handheld computers
  3. Social Media-interaction among people on the web

My point is, I, as an Arizona Resident, could give a crap about whitetail hunting in Ohio (although I do plan on slaying some with my bow).  I don’t have the time, nor do I want to read about hunting from other states or perhaps species I do not want to hunt.  Really, I don’t care & I don’t have to watch or read about it anymore.

The Outdoor Channel & Sportsman Channel have lost 20% of their viewers over the past 3 years. Hmmm, maybe it’s because people don’t want to watch a celebrity go on all the best hunts, maybe people actually want to watch hunting that relates to them, when and where they want too. (I know a few of you guys on TV who are good dudes and put out some of the better shows, so don’t take offense.)

I am from Arizona and it’s where I do 90% of my hunting, so I am sure, every Arizona Bowhunter will LOVE this film, but Utah hunters probably won’t watch it for more than 30 secs.  Ohio hunters, will be lucky to watch it at all.

If you are marketing a product or service in the hunting world TODAY, you’d better start micro segmenting the market (by state, species, guided, non-guided, etc…).  If you don’t, you will be tuned out.

Sorry don’t blame me, blame innovation of communication.

#LiveIt #ORGhunt
Craig Steele

94 Percent from Hunter Vids on Vimeo.

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