Hunters are quitting…

Wikipedia-a species becomes extinct when the last existing member of that species dies.
Are we next? Are our kids the last? 
We have talked about this subject somewhat in the past & we don’t believe there is one answer or solution.  We don’t know the answers, but we know we have a problem.  Some data we find disturbing & this is just for a small group of GMU’s in Arizona.

 1999-4,455 General Deer Permits 15,929 1st & 2nd Choice Applicants
2010-4,700 General Deer Permits 8,743 1st & 2nd Choice Applicants
Applicants have decreased by 45% over the past decade.
1999-2005 we decreased at a rate of 17%
2006-2010 we decreased at a rate of 37%

We believe the cost, access issues, increased regulations, social changes & the decrease of quality experiences are major players in the above scenario.  Arizona is not the only state suffering, it is happening throughout the country.

Guess what this means for Resident & Non-Resident hunters? 

to be continued… 

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