Hunt Harder. Hunt SMARTER! Why? How?

In 2004 we were hunting in AZ GMU 8 for a bull nicknamed, “Godzilla”I can vividly remember going to the gas pumps several times that season complaining about  gas approaching $2 a gallon!  Looking back I wish it was only $2 bucks a gallon again…

Will they reach $5+ a gallon this summer?

Yesterday, while driving through Northern Arizona checking drought conditions & taking care of some business stuff, I found the cheapest gas was above $3.39 a gallon & diesel was $3.79 a gallon.  Holly, $%#*!  Later on in the day I met up with a local hunter & we began discussing hunting as usual.  While discussing big bucks & bulls he stopped in mid-sentence & said, “by the way, do you know how much it cost me to apply myself & my two boys for elk & pronghorn??? over $600 dollars!”  I only shook my head, as we all can relate to this & non-resident prices are even worse…  

So, what does this have to do with, “Hunt Harder. Hunt SMARTER!”?

When it comes to hunting we all have hard costs, such as tags, licenses, equipment, food, fuel & such, but what we hope you guys get is when you need something, whether you broke it, lost it or forgot it at home, pick up your Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide & call before you drive!  These hidden soft costs of driving around or driving by a business you never knew existed is wasting your money in the long run.  It could be as simple as the rural gas station you know is there, but you are not sure if they have what you need. Do not drive 25 miles across your unit or the lake, unless you have too.  Try to get some cell service & look up the number in the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide.

When I go hunting I personally want to be in the field 100% of the time, because I don’t like wasting a minute of my hunt.  I have waited too long, spent too much money & the seasons are too short for me to be wondering around at $4+ bucks a gallon.  A 40 mile trip at $4 dollars a gallon with a truck that’s getting 12 miles-to-a-gallon, will cost you $13 bucks!  Don’t waste your time or money, find your potential destination confirm they have what you need & then go get it.

We built the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide because we use it first & foremost.  It will give you options on taxidermists & meat processors, plus other hunting or fishing related businesses. You can also find the most accurate weather information, scoring guides, field judging guides, meat care guides, caping/skinning guides & other valuable information all inside 1 publication.

 Hunt Harder.  Hunt SMARTER!


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