Hunt for More SEASON 2

I am back after a short vacation from publishing, writing or sharing anything here at  I apologizes to those of you who have been checking for updates or Youtube vids, but this big guy had a lot on his plate.  Basically, I have a bunch of excuses as to WHY I couldn’t publish anything here, but none the less, I am back and going to be consistent as I possibly can be!

My updates on Instagram are the best way to keep track of me!

Hunt for More SEASON 2 UPDATE!

I am not sure when, but I will be publishing Season 2 here at   I have been filming throughout the season, but the editing time is what I haven’t had.  I appreciate your patience and please know it’s coming and I hope to provide some real value in Season 2.

Here are some clips of Season 2:

20 Year Pronghorn wait…A short clip of Ty’s reaction, after he was able to get the “HEART” buck. Ty waited 20 years for a pronghorn tag as a resident in Arizona!

Posted by Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters on Sunday, September 27, 2015

Brahma BullWe have been busy…Here is a short clip of a 383″ bull Joel took with us. We called him, “BRAHMA” because his body was giant!

Posted by Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters on Saturday, September 26, 2015

When they grow!It’s always a great surprise when a big buck gets bigger when he is on the ground!

Posted by Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters on Thursday, October 1, 2015


Again, I appreciate your patience and loyalty, I see the page views climbing up and I am grateful.  🙂

Craig Steele

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