Hunt for More **Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting

Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters with Linda Kelly's awesome Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep.

Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters (Craig Steele & Lee Murphy) with Linda Kelly & Danny Kelly holding Linda’s awesome Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep.

I am just getting back to reality after basically surrounding myself with nothing but Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep for the past a 15 days. I honestly can’t believe the hunt is over and I have been in a fog for the past 12 hours.

I am behind on getting the next 3 episodes of Hunt for More edited & published, but #14 will be published tomorrow on our YouTube Channel. Episode #14 will end with me really starting to scout hard for Linda Kelly’s desert bighorn sheep hunt.

Then, it’s nothing but sheep scouting and hunting for episodes 15 & 16!

Ironically, Linda killed her 2014 Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep just over my left shoulder in this emotional clip I filmed in May.  I don’t mind putting my emotions or myself in front of a camera, because I am not into this, “tough guy hunting image.”

I just want to be who I am…

Here is a sneak peek of the climax of Linda’s Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt.


I didn’t shed a tear after Linda’s sheep was on the ground, but I could feel the emotions of the moment around me.  I understood everything her and her family had been through to get to this moment.  I knew this was their moment and I was a part of it, but I was more like a coach watching his team celebrate a victory.

I was an extremely happy coach!  

I want to thank a few people for helping me on this entire bighorn sheep hunting & guiding process.  I am sorry if  this sounds like an award acceptance speech, but I don’t want to act like I got to this level on my own.

First, I want to thank my dad for giving me a strong foundation in desert sheep hunting. The knowledge he has passed onto me has basically given me a huge head start on most who guide or hunt desert bighorn sheep.  I can’t thank him enough.

Second, Jay Scott, who has provided me with a more current and strategic desert bighorn sheep hunting philosophy.  His trust in my solid sheep hunting foundation and his non-competitive nature toward me has helped me more than most know.  I hope to one day return the favor.

Lee Murphy, thanks for trusting in me and letting me take Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters to the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting Mountains.  I am looking forward to many more Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunts with you.

Charlie & Linda Kelly, thanks for listening to Jay Scott and trusting me with Linda’s once-in-a-lifetime hunt.  Everyday I was on the mountain alone, I was thinking about trying to do my best to find your ram.  I knew Charlie wanted to be on the mountain, but it just wasn’t an option.  I really treated your tag as if it was my wife’s tag.  If I was able to do it all over again, I would have done it the exact same way.

Danny Kelly, thanks for packing and getting your mom up one of tallest mountains in the unit.

Erin & Dan Butler, thanks for being good friends.  I appreciated your thoughts and discussions.

Eric Hunt, thanks for listening to me whine and for being willing to give me information.

Darr Colburn, thanks for dinner and a nice butt whooping.

Most of all…

Thank you Richelle for letting me continue the Hunt for More.

Thank you lord for giving us the “Popeye Ram”

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