Hunt for More #15 **40 Desert Bighorn Rams & then Popeye


Scouting for a desert bighorn sheep hunt is something I take very serious as guide and hunter. Bighorn Sheep tags, especially desert bighorn sheep tags, are extremely hard to obtain.  So, when Jay Scott put me in touch with Linda & Charlie Kelly, I was very humbled but excited to get the opportunity to scout and help Linda on her once-in-a-lifetime Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt.

Linda drew a tag in Arizona’s Region 3, which includes some of the best nelsoni desert sheep units in the world (15CN, 15CS, 15DN, 15DS & 16A). These units are 15-35 minutes away from my front door, which enabled me to take multiple day and half day trips to Linda’s unit.  I had over 15 days of scouting in before I found the ram we ended up hunting.

The last week of desert bighorn sheep scouting in 15 minutes…

I hope you enjoyed!


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