Hunt for More #12 **Girl’s Mule Deer Hunt

Being real honest, I am jealous of my daughter’s pure love for hunting. I am very competitive with myself and often I can flat out ruin the fun side of hunting.  I almost let it happen in this episode…

THINGS you didn’t see:

I watched the tears coming down from her face after I gave her a quick tongue lashing, while the biggest 2 bucks trotted out of sight. I got up and kicked the ground. I knew it wasn’t her fault, ultimately, it was mine and I took it out on her.

As we headed back to the truck I turned to her and gave her a hug.

I then told her the truth…

I got impatient and should have glassed more thoroughly before moving up the ridge. I walked us past the biggest buck and he winded us, never even giving her a shot opportunity. I was the experienced hunter and guide. I was the one who failed, not her.

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