Guided Hunter vs UnGuided Hunter

Just because I did this without hiring an outfitter, doesn't mean I did it on my own.  I had great friends helping me.

Just because you hunt DIY doesn’t make you a good person or a better hunter than someone who hires a guide, however, it does take added skills to consistently be successful on your own.

Personal opinion…

A long time ago, when I lived in a little bubble, I honestly thought all guided hunters were high rollers that tossed cash around in order to slay a monster bull.  Bluntly, I thought most of them were jerks.  Over the past 10 years, I have met many guided hunters & guides during hunts & most of them are great people.

Now without a doubt, there are those guided hunters & guides that can be plain jerks, but I have also seen this trend increase with DIY/UnGuided hunters.  Before you get bristled up, let me clarify this, I have never been the hunter on a guided hunt.  I personally enjoy the aspects of scouting & doing it on my own, even if it means my success rates are compromised (I am somewhat of a hermit).  It’s just who I am & what I enjoy.  With that said, the rudeness within the entire hunting society is fueled by jealousy & the desires to kill a trophy animal at all costs.

Jeff Vaughn was one of the best hunters I have ever guided and he took this Arizona Mule Deer on the last day.

Jeff Vaughn was one of the best hunters I have ever guided and he took this Arizona Mule Deer on the last day.

How did we get here?

How did we get to where we won’t shake the hand of another in the field? (I am not talking just Guided hunter vs UnGuided hunter, I believe there is an increase in hostility between UnGuided vs UnGuided, as well.)

How did we get to where we hate the other guy when he kills a big buck?

We are all guilty of jealousy to some degree, myself included.   I have caught myself in the middle of sentences, only to later realize, I said something out of jealousy.  Maybe those guys were jerks or they didn’t do it how I would have, but that’s their choice.  You can’t control others, but you do have a choice to put your best foot forward & choice to make No EXCUSES.

I believe & truly believe this, we NEED to truly NOT forget why we started hunting in the first place.  If we can get back to that place & worry about ourselves, we will be better off.

Don’t judge a title, judge the character.

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