Gear or GIMMICKS? S.H.O.T. Show 2011

We got back late last night after a long day of searching through the 60,000 sq feet of S.H.O.T. Show displays.  The show was packed!!! Especially on the Tactical Side of the event, probably half of the booths were Tactical weapons & gear manufactures.
As we searched through the event we were looking for hunting products that interested us & we found useful.  Of course many of the hunting products were catering towards whitetail hunting, so we walked more than we wanted too…

Mystery Ranch Packs are simple well built packs!  Very well built products & proudly made in the U.S.

This ATV trailer was in the Yamaha Booth but only one person knew the story on it…  That person was not in the booth!

 KoolerGEL is a very unique & quiet possibly a great product for the early season hunter.  COULD save us some money!

Trophy Bag Kooler is also a very interesting & useful looking product for hunters that hunt during the early seasons.

very interesting portable power source for back country hunters…

Retractable tether for your range finder & other gadgets…

Call Lanyard with detachable options!  Elk hunters, Predator hunters & Waterfowl hunters will love this thing!

I am sure we missed a few solid products & booth displays because there was just so much too look at!  Here are few more of the companies we talked too…

Swarovski regarding x30 power BINOS
Badlands New clothing line
FIRST LITE Merino Wool clothing
Bushnell-Hoppes field cleaning solutions

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Craig Steele

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Craig Steele is the founder and publisher at Craig is an obsessed hunter and professional hunting guide. He owns and operates Predator Exclusives. Craig also guides for Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters. Besides hunting and guiding, he operates CS Creativity, which is his marketing and graphic design business.

2 thoughts on “Gear or GIMMICKS? S.H.O.T. Show 2011

  1. Albert Quackenbush

    The Trophy Bag Kooler and the Kooler Gel are fantastic. I have been using them for a while now. The Kooler gel will not only save you lots of money in not having to buy ice, but it doesn’t sweat like ice does. Really great stuff!

  2. Will Jordan

    Craig – I’ll never forget my first Shot Show, it was overwhelming! I’ll vouch for Mystery Ranch packs, they’re top shelf. I’ve been using their Crew Cab for 3 years now. They’re pricey, but they’re bombproof…you’ll be passing them onto your kids. Anyone who hunts far from roads will benefit from these packs. Of course I love the fact that they’re stitched up right here in Bozeman!


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