Finding Mule Deer? 3 Different Seasons

As we make our way through the 2010 General Deer Season, we can’t help but notice some huge differences when it comes to finding big old mule deer bucks throughout the various seasons.
During the early season, monsoon precipitation usually brings lush-tender green grass.  Big muley bucks will sometimes lie very close to these food sources.

Because mule deer graze a lot during the summer months, sometimes they can be very easy to locate.  As a general rule, your actual hunting time will be very short, as the big bucks won’t stay out for long during these hot months.


After the big old muleys shed their velvet, several things change.  First, hunting/human activity increases, which will cause them to decrease their traveling patterns & move into more secure areas.

During Mid-Late October, old muleys seem to be in a transition phase, they spend most of the day bedded & generally stick with tighter cover.  As the green grasses dry out & become less appealing, mule deer will revert back to their browsing nature.


As the rut approaches Big Muleys begin searching! Old bucks will expose themselves unlike any other time of year & many of the does will be found in browsing areas.  It’s no secret that this is probably the easiest time to find a Monster Muley, but keeping track of him is another story.
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