Find the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide on a MAGAZINE RACK near you!

Obviously, if you are in the area of our three preferred dealers, we highly recommend buying the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide at one of their stores.  You can also buy it on our website; this is the way to go if you want both the print & digital versions. If you live in Arizona you can’t go to far without finding them on a Magazine Rack. 
Starting July 26, 2011 you can find the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide on magazine racks inside 29 Arizona Walmart’s.  You can also find them inside 3 Walmart’s in Southern Nevada.
Starting July 26, 2011 you can find them inside 19 Arizona Barnes & Nobles.  The Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide will also be sold in 61 Barnes & Nobles across the country

The Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide will be availble in several Borders Bookstores across the country.
With this being said, we have received a lot of comments from folks wanting to see them in Cabela’s, Bass Pro & Sportsman’s Warehouse.  We are moving forward with the process & we will inform you, if we are successful.  We recommend, if you have free time, shoot them an email with your request for the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide
Almost forgot!  You can find the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide inside a few Bashas’ Grocery Stores & in several small specialty book stores throughout the Southwest.

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