Field Judging Pronghorn with…

Inside this year’s Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide you will find 4 field judging guides provided by some of Arizona’s best big game guides.

The philosphy behind this is to educate those that are willing to learn & to provide more seasoned hunters with some live pictures & scores for references while in the field (video & pics at home via the digital ORG).  Lets face it, we don’t get an Arizona Pronghorn tag every year, so after 15 years of waiting you probably want to shoot a good buck.

Terry Herndon from the Arizona Outfitter & Guide Service has provided the Pronghorn-Antelope Size-Up section this year.  Terry has taken a few AZ Trophy Pronghorn himself & guided several hunters.  If you are looking for a Pronghorn Guide or for some one to scout for you, Terry can be reached at 623.696.5579.  If you are a diy hunter & you find the Pronghorn section useful, please feel free to call Terry or shoot him an email as well. 

These Size-Up sections are developed to help any outdoorsman that wants to capitalize on having this information while out in the field & at home.  We use it & we will continue to grow these sections to help all outdoorsmen. 

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