Field Judging Mule Deer with…

How big is he?  If you asked 5 different Mule Deer gurus, from five different states, you would probably get five different answers.  Knowing the general body size of most bucks within a region will give you a great start, because Field Judging Mule Deer can by very different from one region to the next or from buck to the next.
Matt’s World Record assisted by Chad Smith & Blake Chapman.

Chad Smith from Vaquero Outfitters offered to help us layout this year’s Mule Deer Size-Up section.  Chad has been involved & guided many clients to some monster bucks throughout Arizona.  If you draw a tag in AZ & you’re looking for an outfitter with a proven record, you can give him a call at 928.771.8153.

If you find value in the Mule Deer Size-UP section, please let us know.  We believe in finding quality outdoormen & guides to help us with these sections each & every year.  As a DIY Mule Deer hunter I look forward to having these live pictures & scores as a reference as they help all outdoorsmen make more educated choices while out in the field.

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