Field Judging Elk with…

Field Judging Elk is often mistaken for being easier than it really is.  Many hunters head to the woods & tend to focus on the “air space” of a bull.  Don’t worry it happens to everyone of us… Over the years we have looked at a lot of elk, but we wanted references to refresh our minds when we can’t just click the button & surf.  We have talked with many quality elk hunters over the years & having other live pictures of bulls (with scores) can sure help confirm or deny your estimations while in the FIELD. 
We invited Jay Scott from Colburn & Scott Outfitters to enlighten us on his process for field judging big bulls.  Jay has taken some huge bulls over the years & guided many clients to monsters throughout much of Arizona.  If you are looking for quality guide service to help you on your Arizona elk hunt you might want to give him a call 602.803.0223.
 Jay is one of the best at smooth talking a bull…

If you are a DIY hunter & you take the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide out into the field & find the Elk Size-UP section useful, please let us know. We value your opinion & the whole idea is to help you achieve your goal & to hunt a little smarter. It takes a long time to draw any of the quality elk hunts throughout the west & especially in Arizona.

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