Field Judging Coues Deer with…

Are you Coues Crazy?  Maybe…  We weren’t but after going on a Coues Deer hunting trip this past fall, we can tell you experience plays a huge role in field judging the gray ghosts. 

As we drove to the San Carlos Apache Reservation we thought about the difference it would have made for two “Coues Rookies” to have some references & guidance.  Average mass, light mass & heavy mass are tough to judge on any animal & if you don’t have your mass judging barometer set properly, you can be way off.

Matt Woodward from Border Land Adventures was invited to help us out with the Coues Deer Size-UP section.  Matt has provided all hunters with some great insight & live pictures of the gray ghost.  Give Matt a call if you are looking for a quality guided hunt 520.820.4728.  If he doesn’t answer it’s probably because he is out scouting.

It goes without saying that as rookie DIY Coues Whitetail hunters we believe the field judging insight provided by Matt Woodward is an extremely valuable tool, but we aren’t selfish, you can use it too.

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