ESKY Coolers (ice chests) by Coleman

Ice Chest Insulation and seal are unreal in the Esky Coolers by Coleman.

The insulation and seal of the Esky Coolers by Coleman has created the best ice retention ice chest on the market.

I hunt and guide in some of the hottest temperatures you will find.  Keeping our food, drinks and meat cool while hunting and guiding in the extreme heat of the Southwest is a major hurdle.  I will spend a couple hundred dollars on ice over the course of the 2014 hunting season, so I know the value of a quality ice chest/cooler. Honestly, I have felt all of the premium ice chests have fallen short of the Yeti Coolers performance and design, until I went to the 2014 SHOT Show and saw the new ESKY Coolers by Coleman.

Esky Coolers (Ice Chests) come in 4 different sizes.

Esky Coolers (Ice Chests) come in 4 different sizes.

ESKY Cooler promotional vid:

As I approach the beginning of my 2014 guiding and hunting season, I am seriously considering buying an ESKY Cooler, even though I have a couple of premium coolers sitting in the garage.  The ESKY Cooler’s seal, insulation and design are just better than any other ice chests in the premium ice chest market.  If I didn’t have a few premium coolers already, this decision would be a NO brainer, but I will probably piddle around until the last minute.

Esky Coolers are Made in the U.S.A.

Esky Coolers are Made in the U.S.A.

I really believe the ESKY Series Cooler by Coleman and Yeti Coolers could have a Samsung and Apple type domination of this market in the future.


FYI-I am, nor is affiliated with Coleman in anyway.

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