Eric Hunt’s Big Utah Archery Bull

Eric Hunt’s 2011 Archery Utah Bull

Our good friend, Eric Hunt, sent us an email about his 2011 Utah Archery Elk Hunt.   Eric is a great guide & hunter.  He killed a giant desert mule deer that was featured in the 2012 Arizona ORG.  Here is a little synopsis of his 2011 Utah Archery Elk hunt.

“I found this bull the first morning I was hunting, but I was unable to get into range.  I hunted hard for 9 days, with many awesome encounters but no shots.   On the 9th morning I found a great bull with cows moving away from me.   I stayed with them for 5 miles, when the bulls started bugling in every direction.  My bull came from the left and an intense fight broke out in front of me.  It lasted just a few minutes.   I wasn’t able to get a shot because the cows were hung up between us.   
My bull ended up winning  the fight and ran the original herd bull off.  I stayed with the herd and was able to put an arrow in him at 30 yards. He held up and I quickly put another arrow in him when he stopped to look back.  He crashed less than a 100 yards from me!  It was an Amazing hunt & I had a great friend, Scott Wood, helping me along the way.”

Eric with his trophy bull.

Nothing like working your butt off and getting the job done in the end.

Eric is a founding member of the Arizona Desert Sheep Guide crew.  The Arizona Desert Sheep Guides concentrate their efforts on guiding for Giant Desert Bighorn in Arizona.   As you can see, they know how to get it done on other animals as well.

FYI-we are ALWAYS looking for great stories to share on our blog & inside the ORG.   Hunting should be celebrated!!!  The ORG is not just about us, it’s about you as well.  If you have a story to share, please feel free to shoot me an email.

Craig Steele

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