Elk Antler Growth Surges-Southwest

Antler Growth Difference

Sheds found by Chris Gravvett from the Giant Godzilla Bull. 90 Inches of Growth difference

Chris Gravvett found the back-to-back years from this GIANT Bull Elk. The bottom shed is off the bull from 2002, this was the WORST drought year on record in the Southwest.

In 2004, he found the 2003 shed from the bull’s right side. The Godzilla bull went from a 390ish bull in 2002, to a 480ish bull in 2003. That is an EXTREME antler growth surge!!!


Top shed is from 2005 & bottom shed is from 2004. 43 Inches of growth difference

The above sheds are from the same bull. The big antler is from the bull’s 2005 growth year, which was one of the wettest years on record in the Southwest.

This bull went from a 340ish bull in 2004, to a 390ish bull in 2005.

2003 World Record P&Y

Nick Franklin killed this bull in 2003.

The “Franklin Bull” was killed in 2003. This bull net scored 442 inches & became the Non-Typical Pope & Young World Record.

Josh Epperson found this bull’s sheds from the 2002 growth year.  Again, this was the worst drought year on record in the southwest and the bull still scored in the 390s.

Franklin Sheds from Drought Year

Sheds from the “Franklin Bull”. Found by Josh Epperson in 2002

These are EXTREME cases of Antler Growth Surges in the Southwest.  This usually happens when a bull of the proper genetics and age class, goes through a year of EXTREME drought, followed by a year of good precipitation during the critical time period for antler growth.

-Craig Steele

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