Early Rifle Bull Elk Hunt continues…

I am posting these via my iPhone, so I apologies if they are not formatted or edited properly.

Day 4-The action in the morning has picked up, but the afternoons are dead. All of the elk seem to be in the thick jungle which makes for tough glassing and stalking. We have completely ditched the areas we had scouted because of hunting pressure. Man, I sure feel sorry for the people that waited 15-20 years for an early rifle Arizona hunt. Lots of broken antlers and too many hunters.

We are not making any excuses and Ernie is GOING to kill his first bull. At just 14 he would be happy with anything but we are being patient. We had a mature bull bedded at 25 yards this am but his head and vitals were buried in a cedar tree.

Below are a few pics of some bulls we saw before the archery hunt. One was taken by an archer and the other is MIA.

Split G-2 Bull was MIA!
The crew discussing the hunt.
G2 was taken by an archer and scored in the 370’s.
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