dream buck.

Tank Desert Mule Deer!

Luke’s dream buck had some extra points that were busted.

I Might Miss Her…

By Luke Eggers

I was lying in bed the night before my quest to find a big buck my girlfriend had nicknamed,“Blitzen”.  As I listened to the rain hit the roof and the wind whistle through the trees, I knew the next day was going to be NASTYYYY!  The weather didn’t let up all night!  It was a sleepless night, as the thought of possibly having a chance to kill a buck of a lifetime was all I could think about.  Finally, it was the crack of dawn and I got my gear and headed to the North Pole.  Well, maybe not the North Pole, but we will just pretend, since that’s where the real “Blitzen” lives.

When I finally arrived, it seemed as if Santa came early. I thought I was in for a long day of hiking and glassing but within two minutes of searching I had found “Blitzen”. My heart began to race and I could not believe how lucky I was to have found him so quickly. I made a point to watch him for awhile, in order to make a game plan, but most of all, because I needed to  calm my excitement.

Now the odds of getting close to him were very unlikely.  He had four other bucks and a handful of does with him, but as the morning slipped away I was anxious to make my move. The deer moved into a position that had given me a chance to start my stalk.  As they moved over the crest of the mountain, I followed close behind.  I crept over the top of the ridge with my arrow knocked.  As I slowly inched forward I was extremely surprised, as they must have truly been Santa’s reindeer because those suckers had to have flown off the mountain!  I am not sure how, why, or what made them move out to the flat, but they were now 700 yards away from me.  Talk about a slap in the face!  I had climbed all of the way up the side of Mt. Crumpit expecting them to be feeding on the North Slope.

Luke & his young family member both killed OTC archery bucks on the same day!

Luke & his young family member both killed OTC archery bucks on the same day!

I decided to take a chance…  I made my way to the bottom the mountain without being seen, winded, or busted.  I still needed to crawl under a fence and make it to a wash 15 yards away.  Once I made it there, I knew I would be able to take this freeway right up to their location.  I belly crawled under the fence and finally made it to the wash.  Once I found the deer tracks crossing the wash, I knew I was in good a position to advance.  I dropped my pack, took a hit of Gatorade, and checked the time.  It was then that I realized I may come home single.  I had promised my girl that I would be home in time for her annual, “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party”.  At that very moment it reminded me of a Brad Paisley song called, “I am Gonna Miss Her”.   It took about a quarter of a second, maybe a half, to realize “I’m Gonna Miss Her, but lookie there, I’ve got my Big Buck in sight”

Now back to business…

I crawled out of the wash to find the deer 200 yards away. My buck was chasing does, feeding, and little did he know, waiting to die.  I then picked the best route to belly crawl to a catclaw tree where I could draw without being seen.  120 yards and two hours later I had made it to the tree without being busted and it felt damn good to finally stand up after being on my belly for two hours!  I figured the buck would eventually slip up and come my way, so I was prepared to wait.

Within a few minutes I was surprised when a doe made a “B Line” towards me and the buck followed.   The buck chased the doe within 35-40 yards but I knew if I ranged him I could possibly lose my shot.   I took a glance at the ground and figured my 40 yard pin would get the job done. The doe walked to my left and gave me an open shot, but  immediately turned right back around.

After she had turned around, the buck followed.  I knew I needed to take this close shot and found a “V” in the catclaw.  I drew back, settled my pin on him, glanced at my broadhead, and then realized I couldn’t clear the limbs in front of me.  I let down… Then buck had moved out to the edge of my comfort zone, but knowing the yardage I drew once again…  I settled my pin and let my arrow fly.  The buck jumped and ran 15 yards.   My heart sank, as the arrow deflected on a limb and didn’t hit its mark.   My back-up arrow was already knocked so I touched it off.  This one flew great. . . but it was just a few inches over his back.   Blitzen had then turned completely around and stopped again!  I couldn’t believe this was happening!  I was shaken, but confident of the yardage because of the previous miss. I drew back and you know what they say, “third time is a charm”.  YES, I smoked him like a pack of pall malls!

Luke posing with his GIANT OTC Archery Mule Deer!

Luke posing with his GIANT OTC Archery Mule Deer!

As I approached this awesome creature I took a minute to thank the Lord for this experience.   After not even drawing my bow back the previous year, I knew how blessed I was to have been given three opportunities at such an awesome buck.  When I got home I showed my girlfriend the reason I missed her party. Thankfully she’s a hunting fool, just like me!   She quickly forgave me and made me skin my deer in the “Ugly Sweater” she made for me.  So, it turns out Mr. Paisley, “I’m not gonna miss her”.

Lucks buck put on several inches & extras in 1 year!

Luke’s buck put on several inches & extras in 1 year!

I was fortunate to hunt & film Luke’s buck during the 2010 OTC Archery Late Season.

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