Do you Slaughter animals?

Kingman Daily Miner notes to the editor:

 Questions: *Mark, I don’t have a question. I just want to congratulate you for your professional way of printing news regarding the slaughter of animals. I to am not a hunter and I respect the rights of those who pursue this activity as it is their right and does provide a natural balance within nature. However, I see no need for those of us who enjoy the animals alive to see them slaughtered. They have their trophy I do not need to see it.

Editor’s Answer: Well said.

My community has many sportsmen living within it, but over the last several years the local paper column covering hunting seems to be dwindling.  I will say this is acceptable, as it is their paper, their money & their business.  It’s also my right to blog about it & it’s my right not to subscribe to it.

First I will say, I respect the hunting & fishing columnist for the Kingman Daily Miner. He is a member & founding member of many of the conservation groups we have in Arizona.  He is a strong advocate for getting youth involved & he is very involved with his cherished way-of-life.  He has graciously featured my family & other local families in this column for many years, but society is pushing this paper into a different direction. 

2011-A young hunter & father celebrating his success is distasteful.
1993-A young hunter & his father celebrating their success.

These are examples of the very same type of pose & photos you won’t find in many mainstream newspapers today.  I understand not wanting to show blood & guts, but as a hunter we have to draw the line.  

It’s sounds like the editor of the Kingman Daily Miner has taken a stance & this is an ever growing trend in today’s society.  Many people want to continue to live in a fairy tale!  They want to eat their porter house slaughtered animal & sit in their Eco-friendly house that was built in prime wildlife habitat. Meanwhile, they proclaim they are advocates for wildlife & that we hunters are the enemy. We are being phased out & put in a dark room because people are living in a fantasy world.  It’s sickening, it’s sad & I am plum tired of it!

I am HUNTER & I won’t apologize or hide from my way-of-life!

Definition of SLAUGHTER
1: the act of killing; specifically : the butchering of livestock for market
2: killing of great numbers of human beings (as in battle or a massacre) : carnage

2 thoughts on “Do you Slaughter animals?

  1. Adam Piestewa

    Right behind you Craig and Richelle. I can not only speak for myself ,but my family and a large number of my community aswell. We are hunters and we won’t apologize or hide from our way of life.

  2. johnnie

    I will not be condemned for my way of life. I dont like the sports stats in the paper i think i takes up to much room for outdoor sports, but others do so enough said. They should probably hang out at a slaughter house and or google it and see the differance


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