Digiscoping "before it was DIGITAL"

“Digiscoping” before it was DIGITAL

The recent digiscoping craze is a hard thing not to get excited about.  New technology is making it easier and cheaper than ever before to capture quality images and video of those once rumored trophies in the field.

In fact, the days of animals growing in size, as the story is told, are becoming a distant memory because of this advancement in photo capturing abilities.  The fact is, without much effort at all, we can prove that we really did see, what we said we did.  At the same time, our buddies can check our facts by actually looking at the animal for themselves.

There are plenty of articles on how to digiscope or what you will need to become a digiscoper over night.  But, where did it start?  Many of us were capturing images through our optics long before digital photography even existed. 

Here are a few tidbits, taken from Wikipedia, on how this method of capturing photos and video is presumed to have become “digiscoping” as we know it:

  • The coining of the word “digiscoping” was credited to French birdwatcher Alain Fossé in 1999
  •  The origins of this activity has been attributed to the photographic methods of Laurence Poh, a birdwatcher from the Malaysian Nature Society.
  •  Although Laurence Poh is sometimes credited with “inventing” the technique, his contribution may be more along the lines of popularizing the idea and refining the technology. 
  • Using a camera to capture images through optical devices, such as microscopes or telescopes, has been used for nearly 100 years

Dall sheep photographed through a spotting scope with a film SLR camera

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