Coyote Calling Territory or Call Shy?

Craig Steele & Matt Wolsey aquired aka stole their first predator call from Matt's uncle at 11 years old.

Craig Steele & Matt Wolsey acquired aka stole their first predator call from Matt’s uncle at 11 years old.

I was on my first coyote calling adventures when I was just a tiny kid with my dad.  Sitting under a tree back-to-back while blowing a hand call was the only way they called.   It was straight up prey distress, because that’s what made sense and that is what the instructions told them to do.

My cousin and I acquired my first predator call from his uncle when we were 11 years old.  It was a Thompson Center bite down hand call.   I called in my first coyote, double and many other coyotes with this call.  I ended up wearing the damn thing out and tried to glue it back together, but I had to switch to a Johnny Stewart PC3.  This was devastating, because the Thompson Center hand call was the MAGIC call.  

It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I really started to question everything I had been taught and everything I thought I knew about coyotes.  I wasn’t CONSISTENT.  Some days I would go out and call in nothing and other days the coyotes would come running in.  In my mind, I am always looking for the factual reason why I called in a coyote, or why I did not call them in.  Most of the time I can give you an educated guess, but often most people just give you a guess.

Right now, we are in the denning season for coyotes and prey is generally abundant.  The most common mistake beginning and most predator hunters make is their lack of knowledge of the animal they are hunting.   We often fill in the blanks with gear and gadgets, but fail to really become a better hunter by learning more about the animal.

On a recent hunt with a client, we had the chance to observe some awesome coyote behavior check-it out:


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  1. bobby olivas

    looks like the perfect set up for decoy dogs…whats your opinion on decoy dogs? have you ever used decoy dogs?


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