Coyote Calling Myths… BUSTED!

Don't believe everything you hear, read or see...

Don’t believe everything you hear, read or see… 1:45 pm big desert male coyote taken by Percy.

Year-after-year we get the chance to hear the Coyote Calling Myths and then, bust them.  Yesterday, it was calling in 3 coyotes during the middle of the day in a 75 degree heat with a Waning Gibbous Moon Phase (89% full).

“I guess you can call them during the middle of the day…” Percy said

After not calling anything in during the morning hours we made 2 stands during the middle of the day and called in 3 coyotes.  Percy, who has very little predator hunting experience was surprised at how all the coyotes came to the call during the middle of the day.   I don’t blame him one bit, he had read many articles and it has been pounded in his head that coyotes don’t or won’t come into calls during the middle of the day.  Personally, I have called in more coyotes between 10-2 pm than I can count, they will respond, it just depends on the scenario.

I am very blessed to do what I do and now that I have published magazines, videos, dvds and blogs, I realize just how easy it is to be misinformed.  Quite honestly, there are a lot of people writing and filming about coyote hunting who are no more of an expert than the beginner.  Be cautious when you hear or read someone speaking or writing in absolutes such as, “never” and “always”, consuming bogus information is probably worse than no information.

Craig Steele & Ian Chappel with a recent 1 day guided predator hunt total.

Craig Steele & Ian Chappel with a recent 1 day guided predator hunt total.

Here are a few predator calling MYTHS, which we have BUSTED over the years…

  • Don’t call during the middle of the day.
  • Bobcats are hard to call in.
  • Once you shoot the stand is over.
  • Coyotes howling is a bad sign on a stand.
  • Coyotes only come in from the downwind side.
  • Don’t use coyote sounds because they will scare of bobcats.
  • Calling a stand for an exact time count without considering variables (ie, I call for 10 minutes every time.).
  • Older coyotes are call shy and will not come to call.

These are just a few myths I can think of before I head out calling today.  I will add more to this post as I think of them.  Being quite honest, there is so much information I am still learning about hunting predators after 25 years of doing it, it’s ridiculous, so hopefully you will never see me using absolutes.

Just because someone writes a book, publishes a magazine, DVD or has a TV show, doesn’t mean they are good hunters.  It simply means they have a platform to reach an audience.  We as humans love absolutes, but the reality is, it’s a coyotes world and we are just making educated guesses.

-Craig Steele

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