Colorado Scouting and Drought report – Early July 2013

During the first week of July, we had the opportunity to spend 6 days scouting 3 different areas of Colorado that provide both, over the counter, and leftover license opportunities for resident and non-resident hunters.
The first two areas were located within the above average precipitation part of the state.  And the third area was within a much dryer zone further south.

While in all areas the elk herds seem to be very healthy, the deer numbers continue to be far lower than prior to the 2007 and 2009 winter die offs. 

In the north central part of the state, the antler growth is clearly above average.  Several of the bucks and bulls, that we have been following over the last 3 years, have early growth that surpasses that of even the wet spring 2 years ago. 

On the other hand, units in the southern part of the state show average, to below average, growth with a few exceptions. 

The good news is that the north central part of the state boasts huge areas of public land offering excellent OTC, either sex, archery elk tags and high probability leftover mule deer tags.

3 month rainfall averages

Huntable units with an OTC, either-sex, archery elk license.

OTC tags went on sale starting today and leftover licenses go on sale August 6th, which will include many of the units in this region

 For more information about these types of hunts and our scouting services, please contact us.  The hunting season is fast approaching and there are plenty of great hunting opportunities still available in Colorado.

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