Colorado Hunting Update

After 5 days of living out of a backpack, this just seemed like a good idea…at the time

Unfortunately, no tags filled. Found a moose shed at 11,000 ft, and saw some amazingly beautiful country. 

For the most part every area I hunted had 3 to 4 day old elk sign and plenty of orange tape.  This last week was muzzleloader season and there were LOTS of hunters in the OTC units. 

The weather also turned wet and cold Saturday and Sunday and the high country saw it’s first substantial snow fall.  My guess is that the majority of the elk are headed to lower elevations and private property at this point.  It will probably warm back up and some elk will move back up to higher elevations, but I will be focused on hunting lower for the remainder of the season.

Since this hunt took a back seat to the mountain goat hunt this year I am not too worried about filling my other tags.  At this point I’ve given up on finding “Triple Double” and am just looking for some meat for the freezer.  I have 3 more days to hunt and the rut is definitely in high gear.  Still hoping that the elk herds are busted up enough that bulls will be out looking for cows the next couple of days. 

I did call in a young rag horn bull, and stalked into 40 yards of a nice 4 point buck without getting a shot.  Other than that, only saw a hand full of cows and had a close call with a bull moose wanting to come in to my elk calls.

 Here’s what camp looked like when I went to bed Sunday night, and then shortly after I got up Monday morning.


– Laine

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