Colorado Hunting Unit/Area Drought Update

Colorado Hunting Unit/Area's 2014 Monsoon Precipitation for the past 30 days.

Colorado Hunting Unit/Area’s 2014 Monsoon Precipitation for the past 30 days.

Personally, I apply for just Mule Deer in Colorado. I am spoiled with quality elk hunting because I live and guide in Arizona, thus I only apply for states like, Utah and Nevada for elk. I honestly get to  hunt some of the BIGGEST elk in the world, so it’s hard for me to get excited about waiting for a quality Colorado elk hunt. Although, some of the best hunting units/areas will produce big bulls, I just can’t seem to make myself apply.

Many of the Colorado Mule Deer Units I apply are in the Southwest corner of Colorado.  Most of these units haven’t received much rain from the 2014 Monsoon.   Keep in mind, mule deer in Colorado are pretty much done growing by now, thus Winter and Spring precipitation have the most influence on antler growth.

As you can see from the precipitation map, some of Colorado’s hunting units/areas have received copious amounts of rain and others are well below normal.  It will be interesting to hear from several of you Colorado Elk Hunters, to see how the elk rut timing and strength is come September.


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