Nebraska Elk Hunt-WAPITI

I follow Cottonwood Media on Facebook & just watched their new film.  Before you watch Part 1 of #Wapiti, I want to give you my brain’s full disclosure, this way you understand the context of my mind. 😉

I am not a stranger to GIANT bull elk and most of the elk hunting I have done has been on public land.  There is NO doubt, public land elk hunting is the biggest elk hunting challenge in the world.  You could even micro break that down into DIY/OTC/Non-Resident/SOLO public land elk hunting is the toughest elk hunting in the world.

If you are spoiled or blessed like me, you live in and/or near multiple states that grow them BIG.  This has almost nothing to do with how good of an elk hunter I am or am not.  Really…  

What I love about this film is the footage and hunt experience captured on Part 1; it’s quality stuff.  Obviously, this hunt took place on private ground and the bulls are less pressured. I didn’t watch this film to boost my ego, I watched it because the filming was awesome and it showed pure elk hunting action.   It also showed how the excitement level of watching a bull coming to the call can cause you to over judge a bull.

Given the chance, I would hunt this place and hunt the crap out of it!!!  I am looking forward to PART 2!

WAPITI PART 1 – I MUST BE CRAZY from Cottonwood Media on Vimeo.