Changing gears…


It’s been over a month since I wrote or posted anything here at, which is inexcusable.  I have been caught up with the businesses of life, which is just a general way of saying, my next post didn’t make the priority list.

The reader’s digest history of

Originally started out as a short domain name for a magazine/guide I was publishing, but after 4 years of diluting myself into the print world, I discovered it was a dying cash sucking medium, so I pivoted.  Meanwhile, the blog turned into me sharing weekly rants, hunting stories & other hunting related information.  Then I decided to invite more hunters to contribute, which really didn’t move the needle, mainly because I was a horrible leader & lacked the motivation to give any direction or incentives.  So, I just continued to write, post & blog whenever I felt the need or want to.


Everything is an evaluation of my time & effort, you get 1 shot to live so you better make it count.  It’s that never ending debate that goes on inside your head, “what am I doing & where I am going…”  I have been intensely caught up in this debate for the past month, which is essentially Analysis paralysis.

The long term goal for me in the hunting industry is to build my personal name (brand), because I believe it matters.  I want to be known as someone who will look people in the eyes & speak his truth.  I know this puts me at a HUGE disadvantage in the short term, in both the guiding & personal branding, because often it will rub some people the wrong way.  I am not a short minded person, I know honesty, character & how you live your life matters; even in business.

There are some big changes coming to this website, domain or blog, but I am just not sure what GEAR I am shifting it into. Your effort matters & sometimes you have to reevaluate yourself in order to make the proper adjustments to get yourself pointed in the right direction.

Don’t worry this is not a farewell post, it’s a matter of making business & life decisions in order to get me to where I want to be.

-Craig Steele

*PS-If you haven’t seen the Finale of Season 2 of #HuntForMore, here it is: