Stop asking me where I killed!!!

I am going to be honest…  I hunt public land & I don’t want to tell you what unit/gmu I killed in or hunt.  If you do your homework and study my images, videos and pictures, you might figure it out.  So, more power to you…

Craig Steele with Over-the-Counter Mule Deer

OTC Deer taken by Craig Steele, he loaded this buck up & drove 10 miles to take pics.

The most POPULAR hunt choices across the west are published in 2 major magazines and they aren’t a secret.  All you have to do is look at the draw odds and the ones with less than 1% odds are generally the better hunts.  These hunts usually take decades to draw and some non-residents will never draw (with the current point systems).

Many SUCCESSFUL resident hunters and guides, don’t want you to know about the places they hunt.  Most of these places are not as hard to draw, because they offer very low success rates.  The ONLY reason these guys get it done in these areas??? They have INVESTED all of their time & EFFORT in these areas. 

I am personally, not offended if someone asks me about where I hunt, but I probably won’t give you a straight answer or an answer at all. It’s against HARDCORE hunter code to ask!  If you ask, you will surely get mis-led and the person you ask will often avoid showing you anything!  Bottom line, you want to short-cut the process and they don’t like short-cuts.

If you publish a story with us, answer a question, or even just tell me a story, I don’t expect you to tell me where you killed it or even the GMU/Unit.  If you choose to, that’s your choice and I am good with it, especially if it’s a popular unit/gmu.

-Keep Grinding


Added later:

I want to clarify a few things…

1. This isn’t a stab at the 2 mags, it’s just pointing out the obvious.  Draw odds & hunt data are public information, so it’s not super hard to figure out the best spots to apply, but it does take time.

2.  We do operate an application service, but outside of the obvious choices, we keep our information between our clients and closest friends.

3.  We really respect people’s hard work when it comes to putting in the effort to find and harvest trophy animals on public land.  It’s not easy, especially on the general easy to draw hunts!

Updated thoughts 1.11.2014

This really is more of a resident hunting issue…. Guys in your home town or in your state. There are just less areas to hunt if you are just a resident hunter and don’t apply out-of-state.  I have some friends, who won’t even write me a story, because they don’t want it published.

I started applying out-of-state several years ago, because it’s getting harder and harder to draw quality tags.