Divorce, Time & Change


What really matters to me?   

That’s what I have been thinking about for the past few months.

What really matters to me, isn’t exactly what matters for you, so this isn’t Craig Steele trying to answer this question for anyone else, other than me. 

Divorcing my wife isn’t something which is going to happen, but divorcing who I thought I had to be has to happen for me to grow.  There was a time I felt like I needed to have a DIY hunting show & there was a time I felt like I needed to create a successful hunting product.  This journey is really how I got to this moment, so I have to respect the process, but these titles or accomplishments are not what define me.

Craig Steele

At age 36, I look around & see my kids growing up quickly.  I see the wrinkles in the mirror & people I know experiencing tragedy.  I have continued to put my head down & held my breath, praying it’s not my turn to experience the tragedy called death (aka the final phase of life). Time passes & you realize, you are chasing something which doesn’t have a defined direction, you are chasing what & who you think you had to be, when you really have everything you want.  You realize, time is what you are wasting by chasing some broad mythical dragon you thought existed.  Then you get to point where you realize, “You are doing what it is you love to do…Wake up IDIOT, smell the roses!” 

~Change is inevitable

Today, is the last post on ORGhunt.com.  I felt obligated to put closure to this site, because it’s been a 7 year journey from start to finish for the over 100,000+ vistors & subscribers.  ORGhunt.com was originally a website for a print magazine I published, then it became a media outlet for what I was doing personally in my hunting journey.  ORGhunt.com will be live for a year, but the Social Media Pages will be taken down, except for ORGhunt.com’s Youtube channel.  The channel will be up for as long as Youtube will allow it to be.

I am not sad, crying, bitter or dead.   I am actually alive more than ever in the hunting industry, mainly guiding & marketing.  The real thesis is I am just doing things with more focused intent, because my effort matters.

What about the video series #HuntForMore?

Being transparent, I am not sure if there will be another season.  If there is a Season 3 it will be published on my personal channels.

Thanks for watching, buying, subscribing & sharing, it still matters.

-Craig Steele