2011 Navajo Nation Lion Hunt

Adam & the gang with his BRUTE of a lion!

After two years of drawing a Navajo Nation tag and countless hours of training, scouting and endless days cutting tracks, it all finally came together. 

I am a beginner when it comes to hunting with hounds, therefore I had to wait until all the elements were in my favor. The area had received snow for two days straight and the National Weather Service forecast was calling for a drastic change in temps. All good indications of good cat movement…

Both my hounds are still pups and I have had them on many cat tracks only to come up short on the chase. Most chases either ending in lost dogs or lost tracks, as I said I have only been at this for two year’s. I am sure I was making many rookie mistakes and the dogs were following my lead.

100′ cliffs at the edge!

The truck thermometer was reading -24F when we left the house and most of the roads were snow packed.  We found a track that was fairly fresh and turned the dogs out on it at about 9:00am.  The dogs trailed for 13 miles before the tom was bluffed up.  We had to hike 10 miles in & found the tom was bayed up at the edge of a 100 foot cliff.  We honestly thought that some of our dogs were going to go over the edge!

Grizzly the little TREE dog held this lion at bay!
After the dogs had jumped the cat four times and some pretty hair raising moments, I finally was able to get a good shot in him with my .223.  The hunt made for some great memories, a huge learning experience for my hounds and some beautiful pictures. My tom measured out at just over 8′ and weighed 184lbs.  I want to thank my buddy’s Ethan, Armondo, and Quincy. I would also like to point out Ethan filled his Navajo Nation tag the very next day with another great lion.  Two years of hard work finally paid off!!!