ORG-Outside Covers (Carl Zeiss Sports Optics)

ORG-Colorado with Zeiss Victory HTs on the back cover.

ORG-Arizona with Zeiss Victory HTs on the back cover.

It’s been one hell-of-a war to get to this point.  We lost a few battles along the way, but we are starting to break through the front line.

If you are interested, or you already hunt in Arizona and Colorado, these are the BEST resources you will find. 

They are really the ONLY relevant state hunting magazine, if you want to call the ORG a magazine. 

I know some might think that was a cocky statement, but it’s not, it’s just the truth.

Some magazine companies might laugh about our model or how we have scratched and clawed to this point, but I really only have 2 GOALS with the ORGs: 

Publish the BEST state hunting publications on the market. 
Publish the BEST resource to throw in your truck & smartphone.