Why you are a Trophy Hunter.

Wikipedia's definition of Trophy Hunting is what many of our children will come to except.

Wikipedia’s definition of Trophy Hunting is what many of our children will come to except.

As a hunter and individual, when I hear the term, “Trophy Hunter,” my head automatically thinks of someone cutting the head off of an animal and walking away with a giant set of horns.  Honestly, that is my first thought, but I know I am a Trophy Hunter and that’s not me.

The media and we as a society love to title, categorize and label everything, because we can identify who the bad guys are (or good guys).  Headlines and catchphrases draw readers and viewers, this allows the ignorant to figure out which side to choose quickly.  The term “Trophy Hunter” is just another misused catchphrase and I am one, so it bothers me.

Personally, I believe 99.9% of us are Trophy Hunters, but not by Wikipedia’s definition.

By that I mean this…

Which buck would you shoot?

Which buck would you shoot?

My personal definition of Trophy Hunting is being selective, no matter to what degree, in which animal I choose to hunt, kill or harvest.  My definition has nothing to do with consuming the meat or carcass, (outside of some predators and varmints) I bring all of my meat home or give it away.

Wikipedia is what many today and our youth are using to define and learn from.   The definition it provides for Trophy Hunting is not my personal definition, but at least they have some merit to their definition.  I get the feeling many hunters don’t view themselves as a “Trophy Hunter,”  and often times try to distance themselves from this term because of how the media has defined and used the term.

So, which buck did you chose to shoot?

Don’t let the Media, Wikipedia, me or anyone else define who you are, just be who you are.

-Craig Steele