Border Units! Worth the RISK?

If you look at the Arizona Game & Fish state-wide map you will notice a dashed line around the Mexico border units.  This line is there for a reason, so you better make sure you are prepared if you choose to hunt down south!

U.S. Border Patrol Agent Killed DECEMBER 15, 2010!

It’s a reality that you should beware of & prepare yourself for, if you choose to take the risk & go hunting. We know many folks live & hunt down in these units,PLEASE BE CAREFUL & STAY SAFE!

Special Note Regarding Border Issues 
“Unit 36b is corridor for the trafficking of undocumented aliens (UDAs) and drugs. Hunters will see the trails and trash left by these people. Hunters are urged to use caution when hunting and camping in 36C or any of the other border units. It is advisable to use some sort of visible anti-theft device on your vehicle, for vehicle thefts have increased the past two years. Having a group of UDAs walk through a hunting area may negatively impact your hunt. The key to hunting in the border units is the ability to flex and adapt.”  AZ Game & Fish 
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