Bobcat kills big mule deer!

Bobcats will kill full grown deer, even big mature bucks. This typically takes a big old tom, but they are unreal killing machines.

Bobcat Kills Big Mule Deer!

Piestewa Hunting Page shared this photo of a big Navajo Nation buck, which was killed by a big tom bobcat.

Adam Piestewa is a very close personal friend of mine.  He is also a very accomplished predator hunter and he knows what he is talking about.

Predator Hunting

Adam & I with some predators from a one day hunt.

Of course, some questioned Adam’s post, but here is what he had to say:

 Normally I would agree, but all signs show bobcat. Not a lion track in the area. It must have been an amazing battle . Attack site, drag location, bite marks, canine spread, and diameter on the muzzle all show bobcat . Believe me I wasn’t convinced either until I saw the size of the cat . I’m sure there were other variables involved , age , wounded, wore out from the rut, who knows but looks like the Bobber got it done.

For the Naysayers….  Check-out this video published by James Page. Watch how fast & strong bobcats can be!!!

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