Big Pronghorn!

Knobby!  Cool Pronghorn Antelope!

 It was good to get out of the office and house!   I had the NEW 2012 Arizona Hunting Edition with me and the updated Arizona HuntingGPSmaps system in my GPS.

Mass is CRITICAL for a Pronghorn to score high!

 I glassed up this big pronghorn buck and proceeded to take pictures.  I headed back to my truck and then started to review everything.  Honestly, I opened the last 2 editions of the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide and starting reviewing thoughts and live pics.  It’s a great tool and resource, especially if you are not that familiar with field judging!  Thanks for contributing guys! 

Pronghorn Antelope & Bighorn Sheep are the toughest animals to field judge, at least for me.  You don’t have a whole lot of room for error if you are looking for a record book animal and mass is CRITICAL.  If you are a half inch off on each measurement of a Pronghorn, that is 6 inches!   

Is this buck 86 or 80 inches?   Maybe 88?  Maybe 82? 

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