Best Predator Hunting Camo?

What is the best predator hunting camo?

What is the best predator hunting camo?

Predator hunting is truly one of my hunting passions.  I have been doing it since I was a kid and over those 29 years, I have tried just about everything.

When I am guiding a client, who wants to learn about predator hunting, I often try to decode what they have been taught, because often they lack a solid fundamental hunting base.  I believe the hunting community is placing too much value on gear and gadgets and not enough on the fundamentals of hunting.

One of the most often questions I get via email, Youtube, and from my clients is…

What’s the best predator hunting camo?

It’s a proven fact, coyotes can see more colors than deer, elk, bighorn or pronghorn, but with that said, I still place less value on my camo patterns and more value on my hunting fundamentals.

Here is an example of our perspective as compared to a coyotes:

A frame of what humans see when I am out in the open.

What humans see when I am out in the open.

Here is the same image, with the perception from a coyote.

The perspective from a coyote.

99% of concealment is knowing where to sit, when to move and how-to-move.  Camo does help, but it’s generally not going to conceal poor hunting fundamentals.


Here is a link if you want more information on my guided predator hunts .

Coyote vision perception credit to:

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